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Kerry Godliman

One of today’s best British comedians in my opinion. She’s hosting Live at the Apollo (a goldmine!)and she completely nails it!

Warning: strong language + furious speech speed and THAT accent!
Had me in tears!

She’s quite prolific and has done a lot lately, including her role in the great series After Life with Ricky Gervais.
Take care and stay safe!


Viggo Mortensen

speaking 7 languages!

Viggo’s father was Danish and his mother was American and he spent many years of his childhood in Argentina. He also lived in Denmark for two periods of his life. He is fluent in English, Danish, Spanish, and French. He is semi-fluent (conversational) in Italian and Catalan

He doesn’t just speak the languages, he’s using the correct inflections so well it appears native. That’s very impressive!

Et on a oublié l’elfique!


87 punniest shop names around the world

Bread Pitt

Some people will claim that these funny pun signs are a mistake. Nay! They are examples of the wittiest wits that the internet and business world has to offer as to funny names. Which one is the funniest?

Vous pouvez même voter pour celle qui vous a le plus fait rire!


Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood est un chef britannique célèbre pour son rôle de juge dans l’émission The Great British Bake Off (Le Meilleur Pâtissier version UK).

Il voyage pour une série de vidéos, city bakes, sur les meilleures pâtisseries ou pains du monde. Choisissez une destination et salivez d’envie en suivant les déambulations du chef .

Voici un exemple à Dublin:

Des conseils et des recettes sur son site:


New cookbook ‘Community Comfort’ is raising funds for BAME Covid victims

London writer, photographer and activist Riaz Phillips has launched this community cookbook/
Photograph: Kindima Bah

Dans ce livre plus de 100 recettes de chefs de minorités ethniques . L’argent récolté servira pour les familles de victimes de la Covid.

Everything from Jamaican Ackee n’ saltfish, Nigerian jollof rice, Japanese dumplings, Thai salads, Colombian empanadas, vegan dinners, a plethora of rice puddings, hand-made Caribbean roti, dozens of exciting uses of plantain and many many more sumptuous comforting meals!