Des élèves du collège Gounod parlent du festival This is England


My favourite short film was Killing Thyme because it was convincing and real.


Last Friday , we went to the cinema to watch short films. In my opinion Rhonna and Donna was the best because it was funny and original and provocative. Original because there are siamese sisters, funny because they try to act the scene of Romeo and Juliet but they can’t, provocative because one of the sisters smokes and the other drinks alcohol.


At the festival This is England, we saw Oh be joyful. The scene takes place in the city and in a supermarket. At the beginning we see a woman with her grandmother in their house. The grandmother uses a familiar but funny vocabulary. They steal in a supermarket but a security guard sees them, but fortunately she lets them go away. I think Oh be joyful was the best short film because it was funny and unexpected.


I liked Otherwise Engaged because it was funny. I liked the wedding proposal of the man and mostly the reaction of the woman who took selfies of him and her new ring.


I loved going to the cinema with the class and I hope we will do it again sometimes. According to me Operator was a good film because the woman on the phone was very strong to help the woman with her son who were in the house on fire. She did a very good job !

Merci à Béatrice Hennessy, membre du RNC et professeur d’anglais, pour ce retour sur le festival.


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