Prix de la comédie musicale Pour Six

The musical award went to Six, written by Lucy Moss and Jamie Armitage

« Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived, » is mnemonic many British schoolchildren learn to help them remember the fates of Henry VIII’s six wives. But they are often remembered just for that, as part of the king’s power politics. Six lets the wives do the talking and tell their stories. And it’s attracted huge audiences in the West End, on Broadway and touring in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Une comédie musicale sur les six femmes d’Henri VIII


Prix de la chanson pour Black

Visionary Award pour le chanteur Dave

The song award went to Dave for « Black », from his Number 1 album Psychodrama, which won the Mercury Prize and Brit Awards best album. « Black » came out of Dave’s frustration of hearing about a single black experience, ignoring all the different lives lived by black people in the UK and further afield:
« Look, black is beautiful, black is excellent
Black is pain, black is joy, black is evident »


George the poet

George a gagné le visionary award du meilleur journaliste/influenceur

The influencer/journalist award went to spoken-word poet and podcaster George the Poet. George Mpanga grew up on London housing estates with Ugandan parents. He studied at Cambridge University but chooses to use his talent to shine a spotlight on the lives of people shaped by the violence and poverty of the kind of neighbourhood where he was raised.

Vous pouvez également écouter les podcasts de George sur la BBC, un mélange de fiction, de musique et de réflexion sur la vie dans les banlieues. Des histoires d’amour, de travail, de parentalité, la vie de tous les jours.


Visionary honours 2020

Celebrating inspirational Culture, Media and Entertainment

The awards were created in 2019 by the Visionary Arts Foundation, which helps 16-29-year-olds get a foothold in   the creative industries in the UK, encouraging them in their ambition to  influence positive social change through film, music, literature, theatre and digital media.

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Je vous reparlerai de certains prix attribués dans les jours à venir


New cookbook ‘Community Comfort’ is raising funds for BAME Covid victims

London writer, photographer and activist Riaz Phillips has launched this community cookbook/
Photograph: Kindima Bah

Dans ce livre plus de 100 recettes de chefs de minorités ethniques . L’argent récolté servira pour les familles de victimes de la Covid.

Everything from Jamaican Ackee n’ saltfish, Nigerian jollof rice, Japanese dumplings, Thai salads, Colombian empanadas, vegan dinners, a plethora of rice puddings, hand-made Caribbean roti, dozens of exciting uses of plantain and many many more sumptuous comforting meals!