Gargoyles return to Canterbury

Huit nouvelles gargouilles ont été installées à la cathédrale de Canterbury

The first new gargoyle in over a hundred years has been installed on Canterbury Cathedral.

It is one of eight carved stone gargoyles that will return to the roof as part of the current restoration project, The Canterbury Journey.

Cathedral stonemasons Steve Manuel and Ian Gartside were tasked with designing and handcrafting the gargoyles.

Steve said “Ian and I are carving four each and they’re all different. Our brief was to use the lion bosses on the Nave ceiling as a starting point and then we could have a bit of ‘artistic licence’ with the designs to give them a twist and use our creative skills.

Dès que nous pourrons à nouveau aller en Angleterre, allez les admirer dans la magnifique cathédrale de Canterbury. Lorsqu’on prend le shuttle Calais-Dover, Canterbury est à seulement 50 minutes du terminal!