Le trésor de Sutton Hoo

The Anglo-Saxon ship burial

Eighty years (and more) of Sutton Hoo - British Museum Blog

Amateur archaeologist Basil Brown famously made the discovery of a lifetime back in 1939, when he brushed away the Suffolk soil and revealed the richest intact early medieval grave in Europe. More than a grave, it was a spectacular funerary monument on an epic scale: a 27m (88.6ft) long ship with a burial chamber full of dazzling riches.

The Sutton Hoo ship burial (article) | Khan Academy

As Basil and a team of archaeologists dug deeper, they unearthed fine feasting vessels, deluxe hanging bowls, silverware from distant Byzantium, luxurious textiles, gold dress accessories set with Sri Lankan garnets and the iconic helmet with human mask.

Fichier:Sutton Hoo helmet 2016.png — Wikipédia

The archaeologists and landowner Edith Pretty were dumbfounded. This was clearly the grave of an important person – someone meant to be remembered. But who was it? And what can the Sutton Hoo excavation tell us about Anglo-Saxon society?

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