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Norfolk and Norwich Rouen Friendship association

In May 2009, Rouen and Norwich celebrated their 50th anniversary as twinned cities. Both are centres of important agricultural areas and thrived on the wool trade of the middle ages sharing a common heritage dating from the time of the Vikings. The Normans under William the Conqueror constructed castles and churches of which Norwich Cathedral and Castle, built of stone brought over from Caen, are outstanding examples.

Rouen is a major port on the River Seine and an important industrial and trade centre of France. Its picturesque cobbled streets and timber-framed buildings date from medieval times. It is known for its cathedral which inspired Monet’s paintings and for its association with Joan of Arc and Flaubert, the author of Madame Bovary. The surrounding area is rich in historical sites like Fallaise, where William the Conqueror was born, and must-see places like Monet’s garden at Giverney and the port of Honfleur.

The Association :

The overall aim of the Norfolk and Norwich Rouen Friendship Association (NNRFA) is to promote friendship and links between the citizens of Norwich and Rouen.

There is also an association in Rouen and each arranges events throughout the year for their members. In alternating years trips are arranged to Norwich and Rouen. Accommodation is either with members acting as hosts or in hotels. A programme of visits and activities, including a civic reception, is planned for each visit.

The NNRFA is managed by a committee, elected locally at the AGM held each spring which is chaired by its president, the Lord Mayor of Norwich.

The current committee is :

Chairman – Mary Corbould

Secretary – Ann Rowe

Treasurer – Bob Barnard

Minutes Secretary– Christopher Rowe

Members - Lyn Holt, Bob Gledhill and Melanie Lloyd

d’après le site du Norwich City Council

Le Rouen - Norwich Club
Depuis le le 14 mai 1959, les villes de Rouen et de Norwich sont jumelées. Après quelques années creuses, c’est le 6 octobre 1991 que le Rouen-Norwich Club est fondé. Depuis cette date, de nombreuses actions ont vu le jour pour rapprocher nos deux villes. Ce site Internet est le fruit des (...)
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